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Border Wall

Schumer Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall

Matthew Vadum, Democrats flip sides on legislative tactics. After Democratic lawmakers’ years of shrieking and televised temper tantrums over how shutting down the federal government somehow approximates treason, Democrats have suddenly embraced the tactic in their quest to keep the nation’s borders wide open for Muslim terrorists and illegal aliens. Democrats are threatening to force

OMB Director Shares More Details on Border Wall

Cortney O’Brien, Mick Mulvaney, the new director of the Office of Management and Budget, gave a detailed preview of what we can expect from the Trump-enforced U.S.-Mexico border wall during a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt on Monday. “Some places, a solid concrete barrier might be desired,” Mulvaney said. “In other places, the border folks are

Trump Previews Congressional Address, Obamacare Repeal, Tax Cuts, Border Wall

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States, previewed for Breitbart News his forthcoming Tuesday evening address to a joint session of Congress. While technically not a State of the Union speech, the address will be in a similar vein. President Trump told Breitbart News in an

Ten Questionable Federal Gov’t Expenditures Greater Than Trump’s Border Wall

Jeff Poor, Many of President Donald Trump’s critics are grappling with the reality the U.S. government will actually build the much-ballyhooed border wall Trump had pledged to repeatedly during his campaign. However, those critics are still arguing the money put toward the project would be a waste. The main question now is how the government

Cartels, Smugglers are Exploiting the Border Wall

MCALLEN, Texas –  Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers are cashing in ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration by exploiting anxiety over his vow to build a border wall and crack down on illegal immigration – fueling the latest surge across the U.S.-Mexico line, according to local law enforcement.  The president-elect reiterated his pledge at a

Mexico Will Pay for the Wall

Katie Kieffer, Mirror, mirror on Donald Trump’s 2,000-mile wall! Who will pay $25 billion for you to be built long and tall? “Mexico. Yes, Mexico, will pay for the wall,” whispers the mirror. Last Wednesday, Trump accepted a meeting invitation that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, turned down. A meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Mexico Wants To Build Trump’s Wall To Stop Illegal Immigration #BuildtheWall

Mac Slavo, It turns out that Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is not such a bad idea after all. Though Mexico’s current and former Presidents have both lambasted Trump for implying that a wall would curb immigration, it turns out that Mexicans like the idea. There is one small caveat, however. Mexicans don’t want

Sarah & Todd Palin and Dakota Meyer Join the Breitbart Border Wall Construction Co.

Breitbart News, Over three thousand miles away from the Rio Grande Valley, construction on the border wall with Mexico has begun in the quiet town of Wasilla, Alaska. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, along with her husband, Todd, and her son-in-law, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, were spotted wearing Breitbart Border Wall Construction Co.

Understanding Trump’s Border Wall

Compelling Mexico to Pay for the Wall Introduction: The provision of the Patriot Act, Section 326 – the “know your customer” provision, compelling financial institutions to demand identity documents before opening accounts or conducting financial transactions is a fundamental element of the outline below. That section authorized the executive branch to issue detailed regulations on the

Michelle Malkin: Yes, We Need a Canadian Border Wall

Canada’s sloppy, rushed and reckless Syrian refugee resettlement program is America’s looming national security nightmare. Donald Trump shouldn’t just be promising to build a Mexican border wall. He (and any other sovereignty-minded presidential candidate) should be vowing to rebuild the decimated “wall” of first-line watchdogs, field enforcement and patrol officers on our northern border. The