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Boston Bombing

Should Boston Bombing Confession Stand?

Noah Feldman Outside of “24,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t usually interrogate a suspect who’s just been shot in the head, pumped full of opioids and shackled to his hospital bed. But that’s what happened to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on April 20 — and the questioning, by the FBI’s high-value interrogation group, went on with

Hollywood producer claims Boston bombing was a œfalse flag Terrorist Attack,  Crisis actors, smoke bombs, fake blood and literal “smoke and mirrors” were all part of what was the false flag terrorist attack called the Boston Marathon Bombing. To anyone who saw the pictures and footage of fake blood, make- up artists and smiling “victims”.  It was obvious that something was not right. For those

Big Suprise ! Russia Didn’t Share All Details on Boston Bombing Suspect, Report Says

 The Russian government declined to provide the F.B.I. with information about one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects two years before the attack that would most likely have prompted more extensive scrutiny of the suspect, according to an inspector general’s review of how American intelligence and law enforcement agencies could have thwarted the bombing. Russian

FBI Get’s Away With Murder: No Wrongdoing in Shooting of Boston Bombing Witness

 Prosecutors from Florida and the U.S. Justice Department have concluded that an FBI agent did not violate any laws when he shot and killed a man he was questioning about last year’s bombings at the Boston Marathon, according to officials familiar with their findings. Ibragim Todashev, a 27-year-old Chechen man, was killed last May at

FBI Has Been Working Hard To Deport Friends Of Guy They Killed During Interview About Boston Bombing

Tech Dirt – by  Mike Masnick  This week’s This American Life is an entire hour devoted to investigating the FBI’s killing of Ibragim Todashev along with a companion piece in Boston Magazine. You probably heard about the basics of the Todashev story. Todashev was a friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of the two brothers implicated in the Boston Marathon

Dianne Feinstein and the Democrats’ Great Satan

Oh, now they’ve done it. They picked on the wrong people this time. The C.I.A. has apparently been spying on Congress. I know. Who would have seen that coming? Spies spying on people? That’s like lawyers legislating or something. Oh wait…. So, Congress is really, really mad at the C.I.A. now. According to a story