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˜Justina’s Law’ Introduced in Wake of Pelletier Nightmare

Matt Barber  It’s hard to determine where the tragedy begins and the travesty ends. It’s a story that has gripped and enraged a nation. It’s a sordid tale of governmental tyranny, child imprisonment and endangerment, harmful and unethical medical experimentation, as well as a number of gross conflicts of interest. This is the story of

Justina Pelletier makes tearful plea to judge, asking to go home

 Justina Pelletier, the Connecticut teen taken from her family more than a year ago by Massachusetts officials after her parents took her to a hospital for help, made a tearful plea to the Bay State family court judge who holds her fate in his hands. In the 45-second, videotaped plea, first posted on a Facebook page set

Who Owns Our Kids Anyway? – The Justina Pelletier Story

Chuck Norris  On Valentine’s Day 2013, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families took into emergency custody then-14-year-old Justina Pelletier because the doctors at Tufts Medical Center and doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital collided over the diagnosis of her rare medical condition. But when medical egos and battles lead to a child’s being torn from

Radiation ˜Therapy’ Kills Children With Brain Tumors who might otherwise survive just fine

Natural News – by David Gutierrez  Children diagnosed with the most common type of pediatric brain tumor are significantly more likely to die from radiation treatment than from the tumor itself, according to the first comprehensive, large-scale cohort study of long-term survival in such patients. The study into 20-year survival rates among children diagnosed with low-grade