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Virginia Lawmakers Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood

Cortney O’Brien, With the new revelation that some Planned Parenthood clinics apparently require its employees to act as “abortion salesmen,” this news out of Virginia is all too welcome. As expected, pro-abortion advocates are excoriating the legislators for voting against women’s “reproductive freedom.” NARAL was happy, though, to see HB 2267 proceed, a bill to ensure insurance coverage for

How Iran Plans to ‘Retaliate’ Against Trump’s Immigration Orders

Cortney O’Brien, Well, just when we thought the ACLU had the loudest response to Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven countries in the Middle East and Africa for three months, threatening a lawsuit, Iran has made a much more sinister announcement. Iran intends to limit visas awarded to American tourists, according to the Associated Press. ✔ @AP BREAKING:

GM Just Announced 1,000 New Jobs: Thank You #PresidentTrump

Cortney O’Brien,  President-elect Donald Trump is being credited with bringing jobs back to America before he even takes office. Carrier announced it is bringing close to 1,000 jobs back, while Lockheed Martin is adding about 2,000 positions.  Let’s also not forget when Trump shook hands with the CEO of a huge Japanese company and secured thousands more jobs. Trump

A Majority of Republican Voters Seem to Believe Trump Won the Popular Vote

Frank Camp, Sunday, The Washington Post released a survey conducted by Qualtrics in which the following question was asked: “In last month’s election, Donald Trump won the majority of votes in the electoral college. Who do you think won the most popular votes?” The question is simple enough. Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes, but

Jill Stein Nixes Statewide Recount Effort In Pennsylvania

Matt Vespa, Well, Green Party candidate Jill Stein has decided to pull the plug on her effort to get a statewide recount in Pennsylvania. It seems she didn’t have the money (via CBS Pittsburgh): The Green Party is dropping its court case seeking a recount of Pennsylvania’s Nov. 8 presidential election. It had wanted to

Muslim Leader in America Says Islam Is “Here to Dominate”

S. Noble, “Islam is not here to integrate, it’s here to dominate”, the Muslim leader told the conference goers. He is a member of Hizb Ut-Tahrir America which promotes sharia law in the United States. The organization self-describes as a political party whose ideology is Islam. We really do need to screen Islamists coming in

BREAKING: œSelect Committee Benghazi Investigation Officially Launches

 The Benghazi Select Committee is beginning their investigation of the Benghazi terror attack, and they have overwhelming support from the American people. Trey Gowdy’s committee is full of experienced prosecutors, and they have a list of unanswered questions that they are determined to find answers for. The Republicans on the committee have met a couple

New Development In The Benghazi Investigation Could Bring Down Hillary And Obama

Following the 2012 terrorist attack of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, millions of citizens were distraught not only over the loss of four lives, but also by what they saw as a cover-up by American officials. Recently released emails indicate a former Obama speechwriter concocted the talking point that the attack was based on

House panel votes against military benefit cuts

 A House panel has voted against proposed Pentagon cuts in housing allowances, subsidies to commissaries and changes in the military health care system. By voice vote on Wednesday, the House Armed Services personnel subcommittee backed legislation that rebuffs Pentagon efforts to rein in the increasing cost of military benefits. The full Armed Services Committee is

Obama and Holder Motto: ‘Stop us if you can!’

By Sher Zieve Holder & Obama If the recent and growing scandals plaguing the tyrannical ObamaGov weren’t so serious, the idiotic antics of those at the top of the D.C. food chain would be almost comical.  But, they are and their antics are not at all humorous.  They are, in fact, criminal.  While Obama tells

Israeli navy getting new missiles Weapons provide response to threats from Gaza, Syria, Lebanon


BEIRUT, Lebanon – Israel’s navy is getting new vessels which will be equipped with short- and long-range surface-to-surface missiles that will assist in any Israeli Defense Forces ground offensive toward the Gaza Strip, Lebanon or Syria, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.  The missiles will be available for attacks on radar facilities,