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Kellogg’s to Shutter Dozens of Distribution Centers #DumpKelloggs

Jerome Hudson, Kellogg’s is shutting down 39 distribution centers across the country, the embattled cereal giant announced this week. “While this is the right move for the company to achieve our long-term objectives, it was a difficult decision because of its impact on employees,” company spokesperson Kris Charles said, according to CNYCentral. The Michigan-based company did

Leftist Activists Target GOP Members of Congress

Martin Walsh, Liberal groups generate hometown protests to intimidate Republicans on health care. On Tuesday, House Republicans held a closed-door meeting to discuss strategies to protect themselves and their staffs from violent leftists “protesting” their offices and town halls as a result of repealing Obamacare. House GOP Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers met with Rep. David