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Pat Caddell: Breitbart/Gravis National Poll Shows ‘Trump Could Win–and Win by a Lot’

The race for the White House is a statistical tie between Democrat Hillary R. Clinton and Republican Donald J. Trump, according to the Breitbart/Gravis national poll conducted Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 with 2,435 registered voters. “Our poll shows Clinton at 47 percent and Trump at 45 percent, which is at our margin of error,”

Statistical Tie: Latest Breitbart/Gravis Poll Shows Donald Trump Closes the Gap

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee for president, has closed the gap with his Democratic opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton with just a couple weeks left in the election, the latest national Breitbart News Network/Gravis Marketing poll shows. Clinton, at 46 percent, leads Trump at 45 percent by just one point—inside the survey’s

Poll: Trump Gains, Now Tied with Clinton 44-44

Republican nominee for president Donald J. Trump has caught up with his Democratic rival Hillary R. Clinton, with both garnering 44 percent of the electorate, according to the national Breitbart/Gravis poll conducted Oct. 4 with 1,690 registered voters. “Trump picked up four points from our Sept. 20 poll that had Clinton with 44 percent and

More Polls: Trump Takes 4-Point Lead in Colorado, Maintains Lead in Ohio

Matthew Boyle, Exclusive — Breitbart-Gravis Polls Republican nominee for president Donald J. Trump has taken the lead in Colorado and maintains his lead in Ohio, two new Breitbart News Network/Gravis Marketing polls released on Sunday show. The promising polls for Trump come just before the all-important debate an hour from here on Monday night, at