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US Launches missiles After Assad’s ‘horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians’

Brendan Kirby, Decrying a “horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians,” President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered a retaliatory missile strike at the Syrian air base where officials say the regime launched the attack. U.S. officials contend Syrian President Bashar al-Assad directly authorized this week’s attack that killed at least 70 people. “It is in

Texas Governor Threatens Jail for ‘Sanctuary’ Sheriff

Brendan Kirby, Abbott says bill would put Travis County official behind ‘bars that she has tried to release people from’ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday showed no sign of backing down in his high-profile battle  with the sheriff of Travis County over her “sanctuary” policy. He aims to hit recalcitrant officials on multiple fronts.

Healthy Employment Growth signals the start of a New Era for American Workers

Brendan Kirby, Jobs Report Closes Book on Obama Economy? The January jobs report released Friday marks the end of Barack Obama’s presidency and an economic legacy tarnished by the steady decline of the nation’s manufacturing base. America had 12.34 million manufacturing jobs in January, up by about 5,000 the previous month but down by 1.75 percent from January

Understanding Trump’s Refugee Order

Brendan Kirby, President Trump on Friday signed an executive order indefinitely halting the Syrian refugee program, barring all refugees for 120 days and prohibiting entry of all residents from certain high-risk countries for 90 days. At a ceremony swearing-in Defense Secretary James Mattis, Trump said the suspension would allow time to improve procedures to screen

Former CIA Director Disputes Reports of Break with Trump

Brendan Kirby, James Woolsey says he never was formal adviser but warns on China, Iran, Russia.  Former CIA Director James Woosley on Thursday disputed reports that he left President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team amid tensions with other national security advisers. Woosley said on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that he simply wanted to stop representing Trump

Laura Ingraham Got Trump Right, One of the few who called 2016 outcome

Brendan Kirby, After the second presidential debate in October, not long after a leaked “Access Hollywood” tape seemed poised to crush Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations, few pundits maintained he could win. Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier on Friday recalled an exception — LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham. “I think the ‘Access Hollywood’ thing had just happened.

Anti-Trump, Anti-White Hate in Chicago

Brendan Kirby, Obama DOJ absent after shocking assault in Chicago, highlights hate-crime double standard. Chicago police on Thursday asserted what seemed obvious to most observers: The assault and torture of a white special-needs teenager by four black assailants this week was a hate crime. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who initially had come under fire for seeming

Alabama senator demands the president make ‘crystal clear’ that only citizens can vote

Brendan Kirby, Sessions Blasts Obama for Illegal Voting Comments. Sen. Jeff Sessions, one of the leading opponents in Congress of illegal immigration, blasted President Obama Sunday for comments in which he appeared to condone non-citizen voting. Obama made the comments Thursday in an interview with actress Gina Rodriguez. “The interviewer proposed a radical and illegal

WikiLeaks: Hillary Got Tipoff on Benghazi Disclosures

Brendan Kirby, Email dump points to more collusion between campaign and administration on private server scandal. Hillary Clinton’s campaign got advance warning from the State Department that the agency planned to release a batch of emails last year related to the Benghazi, Libya, terrorism attack in 2011, according to the latest WikiLeaks release. The attacks

Trump: ‘I’m Working for You Now’

Brendan Kirby, GOP nominee contrasts record as savvy businessman with Clinton’s as a ‘corrupt public official’ Donald Trump on Monday offered a full-throated defense of his business record, saying he “brilliantly” used legal options under the tax code to minimize his company’s tax burden. The Republican nominee for president, speaking in Pueblo, Colorado, referenced a

Trump: Auto Industry Jobs Gone if Hillary Wins

Brendan Kirby,  GOP nominee says Clinton flip-flop on Korean deal proof she’ll back TPP. Campaigning in perhaps the most trade-impacted state in the country, Republican Donald Trump on Friday warned Michiganders that Hillary Clinton would abandon them on the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership just as she did on a Korean trade pact. Trump noted that Clinton, running