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Were George Patton, Ulysses S. Grant, Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson saints?

Michael Finch, Reprinted from American Thinker Selling Out Liberty for False Piety. I will come right out and say it: I could give a damn what Donald Trump says in private. What this signals to me is that the false piety on display by so many Republicans and conservatives is nothing more than a symptom

What really lies behind the mask of #NeverTrump

Paul Gottfried, Goldwater and Trump: A Much Abused Comparison. A comparison that is repeatedly made by Democrats and establishment Republicans concerns Trump’s campaign and the disastrous defeat of GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater in 1964. This comparison is unfortunately more often than not abused. For example, Shermichael Singleton, a Republican consultant, in The Hill (June

Conservative Trump hysteria #AmericaFirst, What can they be thinking? I don’t think I speak for myself alone when I confess utter bewilderment at the number of conservatives – among whom I count long-term friends – who seem to have lost their marbles when assessing the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens, to take