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Bubba vs. Trump on Women: The war-on-women narrative against GOP

Media pushes war-on-women narrative against GOP while ignoring indiscretions of Bill Clinton. Every four years, just like the Olympics or Leap Day, Democrats trot out the same old attack — the Republican War on Women. Not surprisingly, 2016 is no different. The liberal mainstream media has always played an active role in perpetuating the war-on-women

Working for the New York Times means you never have to say you’re sorry

Michael Goodwin, No news here: The New York Times has no regrets about its vicious attack on Donald Trump’s relationship with women going back decades. Why should it? The Times is never wrong. Don’t take my word for it. The paper’s former public editor, Margaret Sullivan, labeled the high-handed attitude toward complaints “New York Times

The virtues of dullness? Why Hillary’s allies are saying she’s boring and uninspiring

Howard Kurtz, Hillary Clinton is really boring. A terrible campaigner. An awful politician who will have a tough time against Donald Trump. And that’s the assessment coming from her allies. It’s a bit of political jujitsu, taking your candidate’s weaknesses and trying to spin them into strengths. It is also a classic case of lowering

Rowanne Brewer Lane: Says she never had a negative experience with Donald Trump

A woman at the center of a New York Times piece detailing Republican Donald Trump’s history with women took issue with the story on Monday, saying she never had a negative experience with the billionaire and does not believe he ever mistreated women. Rowanne Brewer Lane, a former model who dated Trump for several months