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ESAs aren’t about politics ” they’re about the students

Michael Schaus, If Nevada is serious about improving education throughout the state, it needs to begin focusing on children — not taxpayer-funded bureaucracies. By using students and teachers as little more than political props, the established public school system routinely pressures voters, taxpayers and politicians for an ever-increasing amount of funding. Governor Brian Sandoval used

Republicans boost Hispanic outreach in Southwest

 The Republican Party is expanding its Hispanic outreach in the Southwest, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of its two Hispanic governors in the region and win back a part of the country that has been trending Democratic. The party is hiring six new staffers to work with Hispanic voters in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico

Sheriff Confirms Bundy Ranch Standoff Is Just Getting Started

 The ranching family confronted with a barrage of armed federal agents over the past week – along with scores of constitutional patriots who stood in support – has been able to breathe a sigh of relief after the Bureau of Land Management decided Saturday to back down. Unfortunately, evidence has since surfaced suggesting the federal

Militias Are On Route: Is the 2nd American Revolution Starting in Bunkerville, Nevada?

 An area just outside of the little town of Bunkerville, Nevada, with a population of around a thousand people, may go down in history.  This little spot in the desert may be compared with Lexington, Massachusetts, the site of the “shot heard round the world” – the first shot fired in the American Revolution.  Because it

The federal government moved some cows and Nevada’s governor isn’t happy about it

The federal government isn’t happy. Nevada’s governor isn’t happy. And Cliven Bundy most definitely isn’t happy. Farmers in Utah? They’re happy now. All those emotions stem from a long-simmering fight over cows, which boiled over during the weekend. For more than 20 years, Bundy, a Nevada farmer, has allowed his cattle to graze on federal land,