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CNN reporter says Hannity, Limbaugh want Hillary ‘dying’

Some of Donald Trump’s better-known supporters are even worse than deplorable – they want Hillary Clinton dead, according to one CNN star. The left-leaning cable network’s media reporter Brian Stelter made the claim Wednesday on PBS’s “Charlie Rose,” and even named names. Some Trump backers are in a “truly deplorable basket,” Stelter said. “Sean Hannity

Journalists Who Are “Offended” By Donald Trump Reveal “Disdain For The Voters”

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer discusses Donald Trump on “Reliable Sources” with CNN’s Brian Stelter. BRIAN STELTER, CNN: Certainly right underneath the surface, many writers and commentators are mortified by some of the things Trump says. You can call it liberal bias, or you can call it a sense of decency. A sense