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Flight attendants can’t ‘think straight’ after ‘toxic fumes’ leak

Melkorka Licea, British Airways attendants began babbling, stuffing food in their mouths and forgetting where they were during a flight after “toxic fumes” leaked into a cabin, according to a report. At least 12 attendants began exhibiting weird behavior on the Oct. 25 flight from San Francisco to London, including “forgetfulness, confusion, inability to think

Drone strikes British Airways flight on approach to Heathrow Airport

LONDON –  A British Airways flight carrying 132 passengers and five crew members was hit by a drone as it approached London’s Heathrow Airport Sunday afternoon. According to Sky News, the pilot reported that an object had struck the Airbus A320 as it arrived at the London hub from Geneva. The flight, BA727, landed safely

Airport security: you won’t fly to the US if your mobile phone battery is dead

 British Airways says it will turn away passengers booked on US-bound flights if their electrical devices will not switch on Holidaymakers and business travellers who arrive at airport security with uncharged mobile phones or other electrical items will be stopped from boarding planes bound for the United States and effectively treated like “terrorists”. British Airways

Indiana hospital caring for MERS patient still bustling

Along a stretch of rust-belt suburbia in Indiana, the Community Hospital in Munster now claims the dubious distinction of being the first U.S. facility to admit a patient with the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). State and federal health officials confirmed the first U.S. case of the virus on Friday. The patient, a male

Australia leads southern search for missing Malaysian plane

 Australia will lead a search of the remote southern Indian Ocean for a missing Malaysian jet liner, its prime minister said on Monday, amid mounting evidence the plane’s disappearance was a meticulously planned act of sabotage or hijacking. No trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been found since it vanished on March 8 with