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The Three State Solution

Bruce Bialosky, I wrote a column six years ago that addresses how matters should be handled regarding resolving the issues between Israelis and Palestinians. Nothing much has changed since then regarding the actions needed to resolve the issue. President Obama and his feckless Secretary of State John Kerry have temporarily changed how the United States

Thoughts vs. Feelings, I am sorry you feel that way

Bruce Bialosky, You don’t want to be on the other end of a call with me to a vendor (cell phone, cable, credit card, airline etc.) when the person says to me “I am sorry you feel that way.” I immediately unleash my standard answer to them “This is not about feelings; this is not

Why I Am Voting for Trump

Bruce Bialosky, In an election that has focused on the personal characteristics of the two major party candidates, I still believe that this election revolves around policy. What will the candidate do if he or she is elected president? How will their policies affect our day-to-day lives? Applying the above to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald

Hillary Clinton apparently has Read the Constitution and Does not Like It

Bruce Bialosky, “And we will defend all our rights, civil rights, human rights and voting rights, women’s rights and worker’s rights, LGBT rights and the rights of people with disabilities.” That is from Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Convention speech. There are two rights that she would not defend which are defined by the first two amendments

Left’s California Dream Built on Ignorance

Bruce Bialosky, Just when you cannot envision the ignorance of the Left dipping any lower, they confound you with their dismal destruction via good intentions.  The latest comes from a poll stating despite the fact registered voters believe that people will lose their jobs and businesses will relocate out of state, they still overwhelmingly support