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A Christian Young Lady Calls BS on Emily Letts’ Pregnancy & œCool Abortion Video, œIt’s a Lie!

Doug Giles,  Last week, the Left’s Cult of the Repugnant went further down the toilet of doom when Emily Letts released a video showing her having an abortion and talking about how “cool” it was to suck an unborn baby through a vacuum cleaner fitted with razor blades. Even though I’m pretty jaded when it

It’s Easier to Hunt with Your Kids, Than for Them

Doug Giles,  Last month, artist, patriot and rebel photographer Ben Phillipi slipped down to photograph me for his forthcoming firearm book, We The People. Ben’s book showcases unashamed, gun-loving patriots, from every walk of life, that love this great land’s founding principles, especially that pesky second amendment that perpetually ticks off the controlling progressives. After