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President Donald Trump: The First 100 Days!

Bryan Crabtree, WASHINGTON D.C. — If you thought the election of 2016 was volatile and embarrassing, you haven’t seen anything yet. The first one-hundred days of Donald J. Trump’s presidency will bring continued political polarization, fear-mongering and controversy. Most of the embarrassing moments won’t be Trump’s counterpunches. It will be the stirred-emotions resulting from the

Fear and Loathing at the Trump Rally

Gavin McInnes, Taki’s Magazine We went to the Trump rally in (sorry, “on”) Long Island Wednesday night and it was a blast. He chose Bethpage, which is a relatively blue-collar town, and the rally was in the same airplane hangar they used to build F-14s in. I was with cabdriver comic Jimmy Failla, who was dressed

Channel U.S. Aid to Civil Society in Pakistan

Sadanand Dhume of the American Enterprise Institute makes an important point in the Wall Street Journal: that, while Pakistan is increasingly in the grip of anti-Western military men and Islamists, there are large sectors of society that are more open to a liberal, pro-Western agenda. These range from the English-speaking elites to ethnic and religious