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Byrd Rule

The Monumental Importance of Clarity in Government: Trump’s Greatest Challenge

Congressman Trent Franks, As habitually practiced since only the mid-1990s, by doing absolutely nothing, with almost no accountability accruing to them (using the “no-debate stealth filibuster”), the minority in the U.S. Senate can easily and nearly always either stop every legislative effort from even coming to the floor, or far more insidiously, sabotage it by

Memo to Senate Republicans: Don’t Model Yourselves After Harry Reid

Michael Hammond,  During Harry Reid’s 80-minute valedictory following 30 years in the Senate, few Republicans came to listen to him. In an institution which, during my service as a staffer there, was viewed a “collegial,” Reid was — not so secretly — regarded by many of his colleagues as vile and loathsome.  And the cornerstone