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For Trump, defense hawk/budget hawk could be winning combination

Byron York, There will be plenty of people to tell Trump he can’t do anything about Pentagon waste. There already are. On December 22, Politico published a piece premised on the notion that Trump planned to intervene in contracting “to score political points, reward his friends and punish his enemies.” Doing so, Politico reported would

Obama Would Rather Campaign For Hillary Than Solve Problems Facing The Country

SHOULDN’T HE BE AT WORK? Today President Obama Will Be Campaigning For Clinton In Pennsylvania. “President Barack Obama will hit the campaign trail Tuesday to rally support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, a state that has served as a firewall for her party in the past six general elections but is now viewed

Trump reaches out to #NeverTrump

Byron York, Recently the Trump campaign reached out to National Review, whose “Against Trump” edition galvanized the #NeverTrump movement, seeking input in compiling a list of possible Supreme Court nominees. It was just one example of Trump attempting to mend fences, or at least establish contact, with his most determined detractors as he tries to

How GOP bigwigs made their peace with Trump

Byron York, Perhaps most importantly, some have begun to game out a Trump vs. Clinton general election contest. They know that dozens of polls have shown Clinton trouncing Trump, often by double digits. But they were struck by a recent George Washington University Battleground Poll that showed Clinton winning by just three points. It’s just

Cruz Campaign Chairman Concedes, Pennsylvania ‘will likely go for Trump’

Byron York, Ted Cruz’s campaign concedes that this Tuesday’s primaries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Maryland will be difficult for Cruz, and on late Sunday afternoon campaign chairman Chad Sweet admitted that the biggest prize of the day, Pennsylvania, “will likely go mostly for Trump.” The best hope for Cruz, Sweet told members of

Byron York: For Donald Trump, two outrage-free weeks #AlwaysTrump

Byron York, It’s not an accident. When it comes to outrageousness, Donald Trump has dialed it back, on purpose. And indications from Trump world are that the new pattern will continue. (An obvious warning: It might not; by the time this article appears, it’s always possible Trump could do or say something so shocking that

With Midterms Nearing, GOP Still Searches For Agenda

Byron York  The midterm elections are less than six months away, and Republicans still can’t agree among themselves on what it will take to win. The latest debate among party insiders is whether GOP House and Senate candidates should produce a document like the Contract With America that tells voters what to expect if Republicans

An evangelical surrender in the marriage wars?

Byron York  In 2008, both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain supported defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In 2012, only Republican Mitt Romney supported traditional marriage, Obama having announced a change of heart six months before the election. What about 2016? It’s impossible to imagine a Democratic candidate

Universities in FCC Newsroom Probe Have Close Ties to Soros, Got $1.8M in Funding

 The FCC may have suspended its invasion into American newsrooms, but the controversial “Critical Information Needs” study also has George Soros’ fingerprints all over it. While disturbing, this should come as no surprise since Soros’ gave more than $52 million to media organizations from 2000-2010. Two schools were working with FCC on the project, according

Are Republicans fooling themselves about Obamacare?


Byron York When Washington conservatives gather to talk among themselves, and the discussion turns to Obamacare — it happens pretty frequently — it’s not unusual to hear predictions that the president’s health care law will “collapse of its own weight.” It’s a “train wreck,” many say, quoting Democratic Sen. Max Baucus. It’s unworkable. It’s going