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Republicans (Especially in California), It’s Time to Get Audacious

Arthur Schaper, About three weeks ago, I read the following article by John Seiler: Advice for California Republicans: Audacity! Audacity! Always Audacity! Finally, someone is reading my mind, sharing my sentiments. I would have made one change to the title: “Advice for All Republicans.” The California Republican Party (and I would submit the RNC as

California Republican challenges state’s hiring of Eric Holder to fight Trump policies

A California Republican state lawmaker is challenging the legality of a move by Democrats in the legislature to hire former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to help in any legal battles with President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. Assembly member Kevin Kiley has requested a formal ruling from state lawyers on whether the decision by Democratic legislative

House leader McCarthy: GOP will repeal ObamaCare, ‘put up a wall’

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy vowed Sunday that his Republican-led chamber will indeed repeal and replace ObamaCare, after Donald Trump’s remarks that he would consider keeping certain parts of the health care law following his presidential election win. “We will repeal and replace ObamaCare,” McCarthy, a California Republican, said on “Fox News Sunday.” “It has

Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square

Bruce Bialosky,  An element of the Republican party is in a tizzy about the presidential nominee, Donald Trump. It started with the conservatives, because Trump is not really a conservative, so they deserted ship. Then it was the self-righteous because they did not like the way he talked. Then it was establishment Republicans who stated

Benghazi Panel to Issue Final Report on Attacks, Clinton’s Role

The Republican-led U.S. House committee investigating Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s handling of the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, plans to issue its final report Tuesday after more than two years of work and $7 million in spending. A news conference is set for 10 a.m. in Washington by members of the Select Committee

Obama Signs Bill Banning Government Use of ˜Negro,’ ˜Oriental’

Breitbart – by Jerome Hudson President Barack Obama signed a bill into law Friday banning the federal government from using the terms “Negro” and “Oriental,” making the official terms African-American and Asian-American. The measure, H.R.4238, was an amendment to the Local Public Works Capital Development and Investment Act of 1976 to modernize terms relating to minorities. The

Trump Heads Into Ryan Meeting With Little Reason to Compromise

Donald Trump is coming to his meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan Thursday to deliver a message to the Republican establishment, his advisers say: Get on board or get out of the way. “Mr. Trump doesn’t need to do anything,” said Representative Duncan Hunter, the California Republican who co-chairs Trump’s U.S. House Leadership Committee. “As

Facing long odds in California, Cruz courts state’s Republicans

U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz made a plea to the California Republican Party on Saturday to line up behind him in the state’s June primary in his uphill battle to stop front-runner Donald Trump from grabbing the nomination. At the same party convention that was the backdrop for chaotic protests against Trump on Friday, Cruz

Trump Moves to Unify GOP at California Party Convention¦˜As of Today We Have 1001 Delegates’

Jen Lawrence, Breitbart A confident Donald Trump spoke at the California Republican convention Friday, calling for party unity and predicting he will win the nomination easily. While Trump was speaking inside, progressive protesters burned his image in effigy outside and blocked him from entering the venue—forcing him to abandon his motorcade on the way in.

Rare San Francisco Republicans Are Objects of Desire

Alan Burradell walks his rat terrier, Django, around San Francisco in a red, white and blue Donald Trump dog sweater. Across town, Tom Canaday sports a Ted Cruz button as he calls neighbors from a rent-controlled apartment urging them to support the conservative Texas senator. Both men, outliers in one of the most liberal U.S.

Trump’s Tricky California Test #TrumpTrain

Brendan Kirby, Polizette  Will primary reward organizational strength or ability to dominate media?  The California Republican primary is unique: It boasts a massive amount of delegates — 172 — and nearly all of them are awarded in what amounts to 53 different elections. In the June contest, 159 delegates will be up for grabs — three

Issa, Grassley say Fast and Furious document releases a ‘fraction’ fails to meet subpoena

Republicans lawmakers who led probes into the Obama administration’s botched Operation Fast and Furious gun-trafficking operation are criticizing the court-ordered release Friday of related documents, saying they are only a “fraction” of those requested in subpoenas. “What we need from the president is an explanation of why he felt these documents couldn’t have been seen