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California Charter School Advocates Spend Millions on Primary Candidates

Elizabeth BeShears, Groups supporting charter schools were responsible for nearly one-third of the record $27.9 million of independent expenditures spent on California’s primary races this year. The groups—including the Parent Teacher Alliance, sponsored by the California Charter Schools Association Advocates and EdVoice—spent millions of dollars on more than 40 candidates pursuing seats in the California

Sacramento: Let Felons Vote in Jail

Debra J. Saunders, California lawmakers seem intent on making Sacramento the place where reasonable reforms, much like runaway trains, jump the tracks. In that no-speed-limit spirit Tuesday, the California Assembly voted 41-37 to allow convicted felons to vote in jail. (Yes, you read that correctly.) If Assembly Bill 2466 becomes law, the American Civil Liberties

California Senate passes gun control package

The California Senate on Thursday passed a sweeping package of gun control bills that would require background checks for ammunition purchasers, ban possession of high-capacity magazines and establish a firearms violence research center. The bills, whose passage through the Assembly are far from assured, are at the heart of a political duel between Senate leader

Democratic Party Scandals: One California for Me, Another for Thee and Yee

Victor Davis Hanson  No place on the planet is as beautiful and as naturally rich as California. And few places have become as absurd. Currently, three California state senators are either under felony indictment or already have been convicted. State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) made a political career out of demanding harsher state gun-control

California Senate can’t break a bad pattern

Steven Greenhut The only mild complaint against the critically acclaimed TV series “Breaking Bad” is that the premise is a stretch. It’s hard to imagine a straight-laced high-school chemistry teacher, after being diagnosed with lung cancer and struggling with money problems, becoming a kingpin in the crystal-meth underworld. The 137-page affidavit in the federal corruption case just unveiled against