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Leftists Hilariously Triggered by ╦ťInflammatory’ Sign at Target Bathrooms┬Ž

Louder With Crowder,  Okay, so it’s “shocking” and “inflamatory” because it says men might use the transgender law to their favor to peep little girls and women in the ladies room? The hits keeping coming for Target over their new bathroom policy (see This Father Issues Epic Takedown of Target’s ‘Bathroom Policy’ and HIDDEN CAM: Target Lets Man

EgyptAir’s Flight MSR181: Man ‘Strapped With Explosives’ Hijacked Plane

A man “strapped with explosives” has hijacked a passenger plane during an internal flight in Egypt. EgyptAir flight MSR181 carrying 55 passengers and seven crew has now landed at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. Officials are in contact with the hijacker, who is allowing Egyptian women and children to disembark. The man has asked police to leave the