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Trump names Carl Icahn special adviser on regulatory overhaul

President-elect Donald Trump has made investor Carl Icahn a special adviser on regulatory reform, Trump’s transition team announced Wednesday. The statement said that Icahn would advise Trump in his “individual capacity,” and would not serve as a government employee.  “Carl was with me from the beginning and with his being one of the world’s great

Billionaire Carl Icahn Weighs Official Role With Trump

Billionaire financier Carl Icahn is weighing whether he will take a position with the new administration as an adviser on economic matters, the FOX Business Network has learned. It’s unclear if Icahn, an early Donald Trump supporter, would take an official position with the incoming Trump White House or remain an informal adviser on economic

Trump’s Cabinet: Speculation mounts over president-elect’s team

Donald Trump ran his winning presidential campaign with the help of a tight-knit circle of close advisers. He won’t have that luxury once he takes control of the federal government. Instead of an intimate cadre of family members and loyal aides, Trump will need to expand his circle – choosing over a dozen Cabinet secretaries,

Carl Icahn: I’m still with Trump; ‘salacious’ talk happens everywhere

Amid an exodus of other high-profile supporters, Donald Trump is keeping one key ally in his corner. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said Monday he is holding ranks with the Republican presidential nominee, despite revelations in recent days that Trump made more disparaging comments about women in the past. “Over my years I’ve listened to a

Icahn says Trump better for U.S. economy than Clinton

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn continued to throw his support behind the Republican U.S. presidential candidate on Tuesday, saying Donald Trump would reduce the regulation of U.S. companies. Icahn also said that nutrition and weight management company Herbalife would be a strong candidate to go private, saying such a move would allow it to avoid the

Lewandowski: Trump Campaign Gave Between $5.5 – $6 Million to Veterans Groups

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said Tuesday that the presumptive GOP nominee has given $1 million from his personal account to charities focused on veterans’ issues and that the remainder raised from a January fundraiser will be distributed by next Monday. “He’s taken a million dollars out of his personal account, he’s given it