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Judge Jeanine on Trump’s Carrier Deal: ‘You’re Watching Ronald Reagan’

Saturday on Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro commended President-elect Donald Trump on executing a deal with the Carrier corporation to keep approximately 1,100 American jobs in Indiana, a promise he regularly reiterated on the campaign trail. Pirro compared Trump’s ability to cut such a deal before even being sworn-in to how President Ronald Reagan worked to free

Carrier Deal: We Have 1,100 happy families and a news media unable to report on success

Newt Gingrich, We have a successful President-elect before he is even sworn in. We have 1,100 excited families looking forward to a happy Christmas when for weeks they had been sick with worry about their futures. And we have a news media unable to report on success. How? President-elect Donald Trump convinced Carrier to keep