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On the trail with Mike Pence: Putting out fires lit by Trump

If Mike Pence had any doubts about what life would be like on the 2016 Republican presidential ticket with Donald Trump, the past week will have erased them: He is the damage control guy. The Indiana governor who swore off political mudslinging years ago heard Trump call Democratic rival Hillary Clinton “the devil” and watched

Pro-Trump crowd boos Air Force mom questioning Pence about Khan family smears

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) had to deal with questioning on Monday regarding running mate Donald Trump’s remarks about Khizr Khan, Politico reported. Pence was speaking at a town hall event in Carson City, Nevada when a woman describing herself as the mother of a US Air Force member told him that the GOP presidential

Supreme Court cites imaginary budget concerns, calls Commerce Tax repeal effort ňúdeceptive’

Michael Schaus, Tax-and-spend cheerleaders are celebrating today, now that the Nevada Supreme Court has ruled against State Controller Ron Knecht’s Commerce Tax repeal effort. The ruling sends the issue back to a state judge in Carson City, and requires petitioners to begin their efforts from scratch — with just over a month left to collect

Clinton Campaign Made Payments to Hard Drive and Document Destruction Company

Washington Free Beacon – by Joe Schoffstall The Hillary Clinton campaign made multiple payments to a company that specializes in hard drive and document destruction, campaign finance records show. The payments, which were recorded in February and March of 2016, went to the Nevada-based American Document Destruction, Inc., which claims expertise in destroying hard drives or