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Rolling Stones and Obama Help Further Enrich Castro Family

Humberto Fontova, Stones and Obama Aiding Cuba’s ruling billion-dollar crime family. The curtain was just closing on president Obama’s benefit performance on behalf of the billionaire Castro family in Havana last month when another curtain opened on an adjacent stage. Accompanied by a chorus of idiotic media hype The Rolling Stones arrived in Havana three days

Rolling Stones Ink Business Partnership with Cuba’s Castro Family

Humberto Fontova, What? You missed the headline? Instead, you probably read about the item– but under a different headline last week-end. You probably read about a “Historic!”– even an “Epochal!”– Rolling Stones concert in Havana Friday night! The hyperventilating “reporters” probably followed up by mentioning “historic changes!” and “reforms!” in Cuba, as proven by the