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Corporate Bullying has Arrived

Tom Tradup, Nordstrom says it will stop selling Ivanka Trump clothing and accessories, creating some questions about the future of the brand elsewhere. That innocuous headline caught my eye Friday, because it confirmed the arrival of what FOX Business Network and SRN financial commentator Lou Dobbs brilliantly calls “Corporate Bullying.” Naturally, Seattle-based Nordstrom stores won’t

Baseball Great Johnny Damon Comes Out Swinging for Donald Trump

Johnny Damon comes out swinging for Donald Trump Mark Shanahan, “Remember when the 2004 Red Sox proclaimed themselves “idiots”? Well, one of the original nitwits has suited up for Donald Trump. At a campaign event this week in Florida, Johnny Damon and his wife, Michelle, were in the front row waving a “Make America Great

Ronald Reagan Was Once Donald Trump

Frank Rich, Daily Intelligencer   What The Donald Shares With The Ronald The Trump candidacy looks a lot more like Reagan’s than anyone might care to notice. In an election cycle that has brought unending surprises, let it be said that one time-honored tradition has been upheld: the Republican presidential contenders’ quadrennial tug-of-war to seize

Trump is Planning to Unveil Running Mate at the Republican Convention

Donald Trump has already promised to make the Republican National Convention in Cleveland more ‘showbiz,’ but now sources are talking about what he might do. For one, he’s thinking of debuting his running-mate, live on national television. Politico is reporting that Trump is trying to ‘maximize the drama and spectacle’ of the four-day affair, which

Ted Cruz is crumbling before our very eyes, “There’s no putting lipstick on this pig”

John Podhoretz, For the past few weeks, Republican campaign professionals and conservatives who are seeing the GOP nomination heading into Donald Trump’s hands have been counseling anti-Trump voters not to panic and consoling themselves with the notion that things will turn around for Ted Cruz when the final weeks of the campaign shift to the

Piers Morgan ends CNN show with gun-control plea

 CNN host Piers Morgan issued one last plea for U.S. gun control as he wrapped up his show’s three-year run. Morgan devoted the prime-time show’s final minutes Friday night to the issue that he said has been a “consistent and often very controversial” part of “Piers Morgan Live.” The British-born host cited gun violence statistics