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Chuck Todd to BuzzFeed EIC: ‘You Just Published Fake News’

Ian Hanchett, During a discussion of BuzzFeed’s story on a dossier regarding Russia and President-Elect Donald Trump on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” host Chuck Todd told BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith “you just published fake news.” Todd said BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the dossier was an instance where they “would not have made the

Our Government is Out of Control and It Needs to Be Fixed

Bruce Bialosky, Ever since President Kennedy approved legalization of federal unions and then followed with the massive expansion of the federal government (which has occurred under both Republicans and Democrats), our government has become ever more invasive.  If we elect Hillary Clinton she will make things worse. Here is the story of why we need

The Real 2016 Election: Trump vs. The Media

Jeff Crouere, At this point in the race, as his poll numbers are surging and Hillary Clinton is dealing with the negative fallout over her health scare and continual lying; only the media can stop Donald Trump from being elected the next President of the United States. The media will have multiple opportunities in upcoming

Powell reveals disgust with Trump, distaste for Clinton in hacked emails

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell revealed distaste for both U.S. presidential candidates, but leveled his most pointed criticism at Republican Donald Trump in hacked emails leaked by a group American intelligence officials suspect is linked to Russia. In an email to Reuters on Wednesday, Powell confirmed the authenticity of the thousands of hacked messages

Obama Threatens North Carolina on Bathroom Privacy, Pushes ˜Gender Fluid’ Society

Breitbart – by Neil Munro President Barack Obama’s deputies have told the North Carolina Governor that all single-sex public bathrooms — including those in K-12 schools — must be opened to people of both sexes by Monday to prevent “discrimination” against the roughly 1-in-2,400 American adults who say they’re transgender. If the state doesn’t give

Danger in the cockpit: FAA records show pilots fly drunk, engage in criminal activity

An American Airlines pilot flunked two sobriety tests before a 7 a.m. flight out of Detroit. An Alaska Airlines pilot flew a commercial plane from California to Oregon and back again, all while allegedly drunk. Yet another pilot, from United, allegedly moonlighted as a pimp, running half a dozen brothels out of apartments in Houston,

Battle over N.C. transgender law intensifies as lawmakers reconvene

Thousands of people flocked to North Carolina’s capital on Monday to show both support and disdain for a law that has thrust the state into the international spotlight over its restrictions on transgender bathroom access and gay rights. Lawmakers returned to Raleigh to begin a short session designed to address the state budget. But controversy

We are going to release the files we have, In two weeks, and we will bury Ted Cruz forever

Thomas Madison, from the, Powerdered Wig Society I have been saying this for months. In fact, Donald Trump tweeted one of my articles to the world a couple of months ago regarding the ineligibility of Both Canadian Cruz and anchor baby Rubio. It is good to know that The Donald reads Powdered Wig. Canadian Cruz

Those with fake birth certificates find it’s easy to live the American dream

Marianela Toldeo MIAMI — It may be getting harder to sneak into the United States, but once you’ve arrived, getting fake documents in Florida is a piece of cake. Counterfeit, altered or stolen birth certificates coming from Puerto Rico are the Holy Grail to Florida’s undocumented. With a phony birth certificate you can live the

Shocking Allegations: Was Loretta Fuddy Paid Off To Cover For Obama?

 In the months since her suspicious death in a plane crash off the coast of Hawaii, rumors have swirled that the state’s former public health director was somehow killed due to her involvement in authenticating Barack Obama’s certificate of live birth. While those theories were largely dismissed as the ramblings of so-called “birthers,” recent reports