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Trump Outsmarts Media, Aims to Destroy Obama’s Divisive, Racialist Policies

Charles Hurt, President-elect Donald J. Trump — the name really has a sweet ring to it! — has earned a mandate unlike any predecessor in more than 30 years. He overcame all the odds, beat back both political parties, jumped around all the powerful special interest industries that own Washington and scored an unprecedented victory

Trump Has One Job Until November 8th: Prosecute Case Against Hillary Clinton

Charles Hurt, America, place your bets! Put ‘em all on red. Or orange, as the case may be. At least you have a 50-50 chance of winning. The only alternative is throwing rigged dice on a tilted table against a dealer who has never lost under a pit boss who was impeached and disbarred for

Despite Slime Thrown by Media, Dems, GOP Traitors, Trump Can Still Win

Charles Hurt, LAS VEGAS — Donald Trump is still in this race, and he can still win it. Obviously, he has had a rough couple of weeks. Democrats and the Clinton campaign — by which I mean the media — have thrown more slime and dirt at the Republican presidential nominee than any other politician in

Donald Trump Raises Stakes: Put Hillary in Jail #Hillary4Prison

Charles Hurt, Well, the stakes just got real around here! From the start, Hillary Clinton has vowed that if she got elected she would raise Donald Trump’s taxes. For a guy like Mr. Trump, there is no more terrifying threat. And for the good of American industry and freedom — as well as rich people

Hillary Clinton Has Already Fought the War on Terror — And Failed

Charles Hurt, She really should stick to lying. Desperately trying to snatch attention away from Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton took a stab at some unvarnished “straight talk” Monday and accused the real estate mogul of “giving aid and comfort” to America’s enemies. In other words, “treason.” Apparently, in her addled mind, wanting to secure our

Trump versus Clinton

Charles Hurt, Never in modern American political history has a more issue-oriented, serious candidate for president faced off against a more dishonest, platform-less, self-absorbed celebrity who is cashing in on ill-gotten wealth and fame despite serious concerns about mental and physical health. The man all about issues, of course, is real estate developer Donald Trump.

Trump presidency would restore power to the people #TeamTrump

Charles Hurt, Unruly voters have elected an opportunistic showman as their presidential nominee. They were aided by infiltrators in the primary who were not even Republicans. The nominee, Donald Trump, is a reality star billionaire real estate developer who has a history of vacillating political allegiances. He even made campaign donations to the most evil