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North Carolina GOP headquarters firebombed

A Republican Party headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed and a nearby building was vandalized on Saturday night and police were hunting for those responsible on Sunday. The inside of the Orange County Republican Party headquarters in Hillsborough was severely damaged and an adjacent building was marked with spray painted graffiti reading “Nazi Republicans get

America, the rioting in Charlotte is Saul Alinsky 101

Todd Starnes,  Charlotte, North Carolina a Wednesday night of violence.  An angry mob prowled the streets like animals hunting their prey – brutally attacking police, civilians and news reporters. They literally tried to stuff an unconscious photographer into a burning trash can, according to eyewitness accounts. ✔ @WCCBCharlotte #WCCB witnessed protesters try to throw still

Burning City: Soros-funded Black Lives Matter inflicts its terror in Charlotte

Matthew Vadum, Black Lives Matter rioters claiming systemic racial discrimination is killing black people have laid siege to largely black Charlotte, North Carolina, after a black cop who reports to a black police chief shot and killed a black suspect who reportedly refused to drop his handgun. With Election Day only weeks away, it is

Trump Outshines Clinton At The VFW Convention

Trump’s VFW Speech: “Inspirational” Trump’s Lays Out Plan To Reform VA To The VFW Military Times Headline: “Trump Pledges To Reform VA, Not Eliminate It” (Leo Shane, “Trump Pledges To Reform VA, Not Eliminate It,” The Military Times, 7/26/16) Governor McCrory Sid “It’s Going To Take An Outsider To Clean Up Washington D.C.,” About Trump.

NBA moves 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte

The NBA has decided to move its 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, N.C., in opposition to North Carolina’s House Bill 2 that limits anti-discrimination protections in the state. According to a statement released by the league Thursday, the NBA will announce a new location for the 2017 All-Star Game in the coming weeks, and begin

Obama’s American Vision — ‘A Shining Stall in the Restroom’

Bob Barr, A long, long time ago, American presidents set lofty goals for our nation; a country they considered without question to be the most exceptional in the world. Presidents envisioned a young and daring nation expanding westward to uncharted territory; others led efforts to fight real wars and vanquish some of history’s most feared

Obama Threatens North Carolina on Bathroom Privacy, Pushes ˜Gender Fluid’ Society

Breitbart – by Neil Munro President Barack Obama’s deputies have told the North Carolina Governor that all single-sex public bathrooms — including those in K-12 schools — must be opened to people of both sexes by Monday to prevent “discrimination” against the roughly 1-in-2,400 American adults who say they’re transgender. If the state doesn’t give

Obamacare’s Three Biggest Deceits

Ramin Oskoui, MD, And the five fixes that could begin to set things right again. When a supposedly “compassionate” physician runs out of “other people’s money” due to problems with an ill-conceived national health care law — a law rammed through by a Democrat-controlled Congress against the American people’s better judgment — and his patient