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Chemical Weapons Convention

US Launches missiles After Assad’s ‘horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians’

Brendan Kirby, Decrying a “horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians,” President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered a retaliatory missile strike at the Syrian air base where officials say the regime launched the attack. U.S. officials contend Syrian President Bashar al-Assad directly authorized this week’s attack that killed at least 70 people. “It is in

Trump Fires 50+ Tomahawk Missiles At Syrian Airfield That Launched Gas Attack

On Thursday evening, President Trump ordered a missile strike against an airfield in Syria reportedly responsible for the chemical gas attack on civilians this week. According to NBC News, over fifty Tomahawk missiles were fired at the Ash Sha’irat airfield in Homs province from a ship in the Mediterranean Sea. Earlier this afternoon, Russia warned