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Anti-LGBT demonstrators picket #Pizzagate restaurant on Inauguration Day

Melinda Carstensen, The Washington, D.C. pizzeria that was at the center of the conspiracy theory dubbed Pizzagate continues to be a source of controversy even after claims of the alleged child sex slave ring linked to Hillary Clinton have been debunked. On Thursday, The Washingtonian reported that picketers had swarmed Comet Ping Pong, harassing passersby,

The Campaign Brings Out the Worst in Nearly Everybody

Suzanne Fields, Presidential campaigns bring out the best and the worst in the American partisan. The nominating conventions evoke exuberance and awe, excessive indulgence and sometimes even quiet dignity. Some speakers express humility and others parade a supercilious arrogance. The worst of the arrogance is demonstrated by the pretentious preeners, demanding unqualified appreciation of their