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2017: The Year In Preview

Derek Hunter, Wow, 2016 was something else, wasn’t it? If you had predicted a year ago that not only would Donald Trump be the president-elect, but Hillary Clinton would lose, you would’ve been institutionalized. Beyond politics, and perhaps more amazing than the election, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. One for the books. But

We Still Need the Electoral College

Andy Schlafly, Donald Trump won a spectacular victory, fair and square. Special thanks are due to his triumvirate of conservative advisers, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and David Bossie, who guided Trump through the intense thicket of media bias and inhuman smears. Phyllis Schlafly is celebrating posthumously, and more than a few have wondered if she

For Donald Trump what is Next On the Trail? #Trump2016

William Whalen, Under the guise of such other bad omens as black cats, broken mirrors and the Chicago Cubs as World Series favorites, we have Donald Trump’s failure to win Wisconsin’s Republican presidential primary. Going back to 1968 and the early days of the open primary era, each and every winner of Wisconsin’s GOP vote