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Economist: Trump must prepare for a showdown with China

Peter Morici, President-elect Donald Trump faces immediate challenges: managing the war against ISIS, fixing ObamaCare and boosting growth to create jobs. But as the fallout from his recent conversation with the president of Taiwan indicates, an increasingly assertive China poses the most vexing and far-reaching challenges for American prosperity and security. China has accomplished hyper

Mr. Trump, you know that free trade has failed us. Here’s how to finally get trade right

Peter Morici, Free trade has failed America, and nothing would do more to restore economic growth than finally getting international trade right—especially with China. The economics behind free trade is simple. Lowering tariffs and other barriers to global commerce should foster more specialization among nations. Workers in America don’t stitch garments and assemble iPhones but

Time to get optimistic again. Trump’s economy will benefit ordinary investors

Peter Morici, Donald Trump’s plans for the economy will boost deficits, interest rates and growth but also will create opportunities for ordinary investors. Both Trump and Hillary Clinton promised sorely needed additional spending on roads and public structures—schools, railway stations and the like. Thoughtful proposals have been put forward to pay for some of these

What Hillary gets wrong about America’s ‘moment of reckoning’

Peter Morici,  Accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, Hillary Clinton declared the country is at a moment of reckoning. Here’s the truth: America’s economy is a mess and our social fabric is fraying. That’s why Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, offers a better way forward. Powerful computers, the Internet, handheld devices, robots and artificial

Economist: Our country would be better off with a Republican president

Peter Morici, Hillary Clinton claims the economy does better with a Democrat in the White House–that’s simply false. Unless a president presides over an absolute disaster—as did George W. Bush or Herbert Hoover—comparing one with another is tricky business. Too much depends on the domestic circumstances each inherits and conditions in the wider global economy.

The American people deserve better jobs. Passing new laws is not the solution

Peter Morici, The U.S. economy is growing again—about 2.5 percent annually in the second quarter and going forward—but good jobs remain scarce and wage gains lackluster. New technologies are reducing the demand for workers but poor government policies are making matters worse. Friday, the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 180,000 jobs in

Economist: Don’t believe the Obama, Clinton economic spin. Today’s America is no paradise

Peter Morici, To listen to Barack Obama, Americans live in a liberal paradise—a robust recovery boasting 74 consecutive months of jobs growth and a federal government focused on promoting social justice. For those employed in the liberal industrial complex—the media, universities and political consultants advising Democratic candidates—it’s all true.  After all, it’s time for Hillary,

Want to know why your wages are sinking, America? It starts with our schools

Peter Morici,  For most Americans wages are not rising fast enough. That’s been blamed for holding back economic growth, and that’s patently false. According to the liberal narrative, businesses are too tight fisted and exploiting ordinary workers and women. Simply mandating higher pay—for example, by raising the minimum wage and adopting a national variant of