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Conway slams anti-Trump protests, says president-elect ‘already draining the swamp’

President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway pushed back Wednesday against reports that the transition of power had descended into chaos, claiming that the real estate mogul was honoring his campaign slogan and is “already draining the swamp.” “I would just tell these people [to] give this president-elect his opportunity to nominate and to appoint

Pence replaces Christie in Trump transition team shuffle

Vice President-elect Mike Pence is taking over White House transition efforts from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – one of a host of changes announced Friday by President-elect Donald Trump as he works quickly to form his administration-in-waiting. Pence will now serve as chairman of the transition team. Christie, the scandal-scarred governor who has supported

Terror Threats Return as Presidential Issue After New York Blast

Homeland security and terror threats are back on the front burner for the presidential campaign after an explosive device blew up in New York City on Saturday night, injuring 29 people, following incidents in New Jersey and Minnesota earlier in the day. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump seized on the New York blast within hours

Trump vows to deport ‘criminal illegal immigrants … within one hour’ of swearing-in

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump vowed Saturday to deport “criminal illegal immigrants … within one hour” of his inauguration if he is elected in November.  Trump’s promise, made during a speech in Iowa, came after several days of accusations that the real estate mogul had backed down on his signature issue to appeal to undecided

Tim Kaine, Hillary’s ‘safe’ choice, gets kid-glove treatment from the media

Howard Kurtz, The media are giving their official blessing to Hillary Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine, praising him as a calm, experienced and slightly dull guy who can help her govern. What they are not doing is picking the Virginia senator apart, and highlighting his disagreements with the nominee, which marked the coverage of Donald

GOP brass rally party behind Trump after convention nomination

Republican congressional leaders, joined by vanquished primary candidates, immediately worked to rally the party behind Donald Trump Tuesday night after their national convention formally nominated him for president – with House Speaker Paul Ryan calling on voters to hit the polls like never before and “see this thing through.” “Our candidates will be giving their

Trump closing the gap with Clinton after FBI email decision

Donald Trump appears to have eliminated Hillary Clinton’s lead in the wake of the FBI’s investigation of her email practices, according to several new polls – even surging ahead of her in one national survey – all indicating that the issue of trust is weighing heavily on voters.  A Rasmussen Reports survey showed Trump with his largest lead

Mike Pence to abandon re-election bid for governor #TrumpPence2016

The VP nod may not be official yet – but Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is abandoning his gubernatorial bid, all but assuring he’s in line to be Donald Trump’s running mate. Republican sources tell Fox News that Pence, who faced a Friday deadline to make a decision, will not run for re-election. This comes amid

Why the right vice presidential pick will help Trump win the White House

Van Hipp, Donald Trump is winning the independent vote. Yes, you heard that right. Most polls now show that independents are breaking for Donald Trump. Thus, if he can get close to the same amount of Republican support as Hillary Clinton enjoys from Democrats, he’s got a real shot to be the 45th president of

Fierce Trump Critics Who Now Endorse Donald Trump (In their Own Words)

Daniel Bukszpan, How the GOP leaders fell in line (in their own words). When Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee in May, those within the party who had resisted him began to line up behind him. They may have had their misgivings, but their constituents had spoken, and they would listen. One man, however,