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Pence, Republican lawmakers focus on Obamacare in Capitol talks

President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have vowed to move quickly to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, but dismantling the program could leave tens of millions of Americans without healthcare. Such an outcome could fuel a major backlash against Republicans, who control both houses of the U.S. Congress. The dilemma will be the

Trump win, Democratic setbacks cloud Pelosi’s future as leader

Nancy Pelosi may face a challenge to her 14-year-old role as the leading Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives now that Republicans have captured the White House and maintained their grip on Congress. Representative Tim Ryan, 43, of Ohio, is weighing a run against Pelosi, 76, who is the House minority leader and former

Donald Trump poised for must-see #DebateNight

Donald Trump’s advisers are urging him to keep his cool during next week’s presidential debate and resist attempts by Hillary Clinton to provoke him with questions about his business record, wealth or controversial comments about minorities. The focus underscores the campaign’s concern that too many Americans still don’t believe the Republican has the temperament to

Trump garners two more endorsements in U.S. Congress

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Thursday won endorsements from two more U.S. Congress members as he battled to be his party’s nominee. Of the 300 Republicans in Congress – 246 in the House of Representatives and 54 in the Senate – Trump now had the explicit support of 11 with the newly announced public

Donald Trump Will Win 1,270 Delegates and Win Nomination by July (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) predicted GOP front-runner Donald Trump will win 1,270 delegates before the July RNC Convention. Collins says this is a conservative estimate. Donald Trump needs to win at least 1,100 delegates to avoid chaos at the convention and needs to win 1,237 delegates to win the nomination outright.

Congressman: Trump will Win New York, Hillary doesn’t create any enthusiasm with her base

First lawmaker to endorse Trump says mogul has bipartisan appeal. Donald Trump can win New York in the general election, a Buffalo-area congressman said Tuesday. Rep. Chris Collins, a onetime Jeb Bush supporter who became the first member of Congress to endorse the billionaire real estate tycoon’s presidential bid, predicted on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that

Donald J. Trump Announces U.S. House Leadership Committee Co-Chairmen

Today Donald J. Trump is announcing that Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins will serve as co-chairs of his campaign’s U.S. House Leadership Committee. Congressmen Hunter and Collins will lead outreach efforts to their fellows Members of Congress in support of Mr. Trump’s message to Make America Great Again. Mr. Trump stated, “Congressman Hunter and Congressman Collins

Disconnected: Why the media were blinded to the fury of Trump supporters

Howard Kurtz, It was a subject worthy of a deep dive: How did the Republican Party elites lose control of their supporters to a wealthy interloper named Donald Trump? The New York Times offered a nuanced analysis, with reporter Nick Confessore interviewing dozens of lawmakers, donors, activists and others who described, “some with resignation, some