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Biker group vowing ‘wall of meat’ to block protesters hopes for ‘peaceful transition’

The leader of a pro-Trump motorcycle group that recently vowed to form a “wall of meat” to keep inauguration protesters at bay said Monday they’re anticipating a smooth transition.  “We are anticipating a peaceful transition of power,” Bikers for Trump founder and leader Chris Cox said Monday on “Fox & Friends.” “We don’t have any

The enemy is radical Islam, not the National Rifle Association

Todd Starnes,  Over the past eight years – the Obama administration has never let a crisis go to waste. The Orlando terrorist attack was no different. President Obama co-opted an Islamic radical terrorist attack and turned it into a campaign to ban “assault rifles” (their words, not mine). “We have to make it harder for

Chris Cox to Hillary: ‘You Want To Take Our Guns?… Pack A Lunch And Give It A Try.’

Matt Vespa, This upcoming presidential election could be the most consequential regarding Second Amendment rights. At the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action’s Leadership Forum in Louisville, Kentucky, executive director Chris Cox was adamant that if freedom-loving, pro-Second Amendment supporters fail to vote this November, we could “witness the end of individual freedom.” Cox urged

300,000 gun owners face jail time

 The scene below isn’t from a foreign country.  It’s happening right here in America. Law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut were recently forced to line up and register their firearms with the state government by January 1 of this year.  Now, citizens who either missed the deadline, or simply refused to submit to the blatantly unconstitutional law,