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WikiLeaks Announces Release of #PodestaEmails4

WikiLeaks says 1,193 hacked e-mails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal account are included in latest release. It’s rapidly becoming less of an October surprise and more of a regular occurrence. Wikileaks announced minutes ago that it has released its fourth batch of stolen emails from John Podesta, the Chairman of the Hillary Clinton

Dr. Ben Carson Not Take the Race Bait During Appearance in the ˜Lion’s Den’, MSNBC

 I must say, there’s something odd and slightly disturbing about watching MSNBC’s Chris Hayes — the fast-talking, loud-mouthing, white-on-white Caucasian — speaking with such authority and animation about racial prejudice. I don’t know, maybe it’s his profound sense of white guilt or “white privilege” pseudo-self-awareness that gives Hayes the ability to identify and resonate with

MSNBC Smears Bundy Supporters as œInsurgents, Attacks Infowars, Drudge

Host Chris Hayes laments “Alex Jones-ification of the GOP” In a 15 minute-long ideological crusade, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes smeared Cliven Bundy supporters as ‘insurgents’ while lamenting the threat posed to the establishment by an Alex Jones-Drudge-Fox News-Rand Paul “axis” that threatens to rock the 2016 presidential race. Implicitly siding with Harry Reid’s widely derided claim

MSNBC Defends State Senator Who Told Gun Rights Activist œGo F**k Yourself

Ailing network attacks Infowars correspondent for asking real questions  MSNBC host Chris Hayes rushed to defend Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller (D) after he told a gun rights activist “go fuck yourself,” laying the blame instead on Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi for daring to ask real questions of public officials. Labeling Miller’s outburst “absolutely