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Obama’s life-story-continues-to-unravel

B. Christopher Agee, In an administration defined by scandal, none have dogged Barack Obama longer or more persistently than the secrecy surrounding his past. While the left tries to discount those who question his life story with insulting pejorative, there has been little legitimate response to the genuine concerns of so-called œbirthers. In a recent

Is Obama Going To Establish Separate Government Structures Based On Race?

B. Christopher Agee For all his campaign rhetoric promising a post-racial society upon his ascension to the White House, many Americans feel no president has done more to divide the nation along ethnic lines. According to recent reports, a proposal that could go into effect in Hawaii would only bolster those apprehensions. The Obama administration

Did The VA Just Call Barack Obama a Liar?

B. Christopher Agee  In a speech Wednesday morning, Barack Obama addressed the ongoing scandal regarding inordinate waiting periods for patients at facilities operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Though he assured Americans that such delays are unacceptable, he questioned whether they played any part in dozens of veteran deaths. He cited a report by

What This Commencement Speaker Said In Response To Students œArrogant Demands Is Brilliant

B. Christopher Agee  In a move even the left-leaning Daily Beast called “silly,” a Rutgers University protest earlier this month led to a former Secretary of State scrapping a planned speech on campus. This is just one example of the shortsighted activism among some college students that results in less exposure to alternate and valuable

Seriously? Eating This Food Is Now Considered Racist¦

B. Christopher Agee Leftist use of the race card moved long ago into the realm of the absurd. Americans – specifically conservatives – are now routinely vilified as bigots based on the constantly shifting parameters of political correctness. Just when some thought the trend could not get any more bizarre, a longstanding fundraiser among several

Senator Accuses Obama Of Actively Allowing These Terrorists Into Country

B. Christopher Agee According to a bombshell accusation by Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Obama administration is actively allowing terrorists into America, placing some of them on a so-called “hands off” list defending them against any scrutiny by U.S. officials. His suspicions are reportedly confirmed by documents he secured that originated within the Department of Homeland

Here’s Why This Democrat Stormed Out Of Prayer Event

B. Christopher Agee  For many Americans, religion and politics are irrevocably intertwined. Both subjects are ripe for contention, which is probably why discussing either in mixed company can be seen as impolite. Some political issues – especially social ones like abortion – have direct ties to the faith-based values of the nation’s Christian majority. Therefore,

These Students Just Kicked Michelle Obama Out Of Their Graduation

B. Christopher Agee  Michelle Obama has made so many media appearances – each of which includes a sycophantic reception – that she appears to believe she will be welcomed by any audience. Students at one Kansas high school, however, recently sent her a different message. The first lady was slated to speak during the graduation

Guess What This Democrat Just Admitted About Obamacare (It Isn’t Pretty)

B. Christopher Agee In a recent radio interview, Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch conceded what millions of ObamaCare opponents already realized. While there is already plenty for critics to complain about, he noted that future mandates will only make the healthcare law less sustainable and more unpopular. There is a simple reason the administration has systematically

Nazis On The Rise? Watch What Jewish Massacre Suspect Yells Out As He Was Arrested

B. Christopher Agee  Kansas City was rocked this weekend by the vicious murder of three individuals at a Jewish center and adjacent retirement community. A white supremacist, 73-year-old Frazier Glenn Cross, was reportedly taken into custody as a suspect in the shooting. The attack came just one day before the beginning of Passover, which starts

Could The IRS Bring Down ObamaCare?

B. Christopher Agee  The ongoing scandal regarding IRS targeting of conservatives suggests the agency is available to do the Obama administration’s dirty work whenever it can. As the disastrous ObamaCare law barrels forward, however, such assistance will likely no longer be possible. In fact, some analysts predict an overburdened IRS might just be the ultimate

If You Are An NRA Member, This Liberal Wants You œSlaughtered

Radical leftist Mike Malloy is no stranger to creating controversy on his radio show. Last year, he engaged in an on-air fantasy about fatally stabbing U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. His murderous tendencies have apparently yet to subside, though his most recent targets are members of the National Rifle Association. Late last month,