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Load of manure dumped at Democratic headquarters in Ohio county

Workers at Democratic Party headquarters in Warren County, Ohio had to deal with a stinky situation Saturday after a load of manure was dumped outside the building. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the Warren County Sheriff’s Office informed party officials of the dump at around 7:45 a.m. Deputies met with party officials later in the


Cincinnati Enquirer “I will be supporting a straight Republican ticket – starting with Donald Trump for President,” (Chairman Matt Borges) wrote in an email to Ohio Republican insiders, which was obtained by The Enquirer. “A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for our country.” “Chairman Matt Borges… helped the Trump campaign set up in

EXECUTIONER(S) STILL AT LARGE? 8 family members in Ohio shot dead, including mom, teen; 3 babies survive

One or more shooters are believed to be on the loose, “armed and dangerous,” after a brutal string of shootings in four homes killed a total of eight family members in southern Ohio Friday, investigators said. The eight relatives — seven adults and a 16-year-old boy — were apparently shot in the head “execution-style,” Ohio Attorney

Rand Paul Says He Will Support Trump If He’s The GOP Nominee

During his own campaign, Rand Paul often clashed with Donald Trump, but now the Kentucky Senator says he will support Trump IF the billionaire candidate wins the GOP nomination. Paul told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he will support Trump, primarily because it is better than having Hillary Clinton as President. “I think we never get

Ohio man arrested for having sex with inflatable raft for third time in three years

 Edwin Tobergta, 35, was taken into custody Wednesday after he was seen having simulated sex with a pink raft along a public road in Hamilton, Ohio, WKRC reported. During his last court appearance in 2013 Tobergta admitted to having mental issues but promised to clean up. He must know something we don’t.  For the third