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Liberals are Wrong About Gorillas, Racism, and Everything Else

Lee Culpepper, Why do liberals have such a hard time accepting that bad decisions and bad behavior have unpleasant consequences?    Ignoring truth when it contradicts their irrational feelings and fallacious beliefs does not change what truth is. Neither does imposing laws that subject society to liberals’ bizarre emotions and foolish ideas.    When a

Criminal charges possible in killing of Cincinnati gorilla

Police may bring criminal charges over a Cincinnati Zoo incident in which a gorilla was killed to rescue a 4-year-old boy who had fallen into its enclosure, a prosecutor said on Tuesday. The death of Harambe, a 450-pound (200-kg) gorilla, also prompted the animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation Now to file a negligence complaint

Zoo that killed 400-pound silverback Harambe to protect boy ‘stands by decision’

The director of the zoo where a 4-year-old boy fell into a moat that housed a silverback gorilla Saturday said he stands by the decision to kill the 400-pound animal. “We stand by our decision, and we’d make the same call today,” Thane Maynard, director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, said at a