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What Happens When the ‘Internet of Things’ Comes to ATM Skimmers

When Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers extols the virtues of the so-called Internet of Things, this clearly isn’t what he has in mind. Criminals engaged in skimming — stealing people’s payment card information by tampering with ATM PIN pads and gas station credit-card readers — are now exploiting wireless technology to pull off their schemes

U.S. government says hackers trying to exploit ‘Heartbleed’ bug

 The U.S. government warned banks and other businesses on Friday to be on alert for hackers seeking to steal data exposed by the “Heartbleed” bug, as a German programmer took responsibility for the widespread security crisis. On a website for advising critical infrastructure operators about emerging cyber threats, the Department of Homeland Security asked organizations

Heartbleed bug spreads to routers and other gear

 The vulnerability that has online companies scrambling also affects the equipment that connects the Web. Cisco Systems  and Juniper Networks  two of the largest manufacturers of network equipment, said Thursday that some of their products contain the “Heartbleed” bug, meaning hackers might be able to capture user names, passwords and other sensitive information as it moves