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Civil Rights Act

Drain the Higher Ed. Swamp That Produced the ‘Hang Trump’ Prof.

Bruce Thornton, Lunatic lecturer is only a symptom of a larger disease. The uproar over a Fresno State history lecturer’s tweets about assassinating President Trump is understandable, but in the end the outrage is pointless. It’s doubtful the feds will charge the fellow, given how outlandish and obviously hyperbolic the tweets are. Nor is he

Democrat Filibuster of Judge Gorsuch?

Matthew Vadum, Democrats planning a likely futile gesture to send a message to Trump. Desperate to placate their increasingly rabid far left-wing base, ethically-flexible Senate Democrats are planning to launch a filibuster against a Supreme Court nominee for the first time in a half-century and only the second time in American history. Their insistence on

If You Want Real Change, Start with Education

Bruce Thornton, Stopping the indoctrination of our children is a necessary first step. The first eight weeks of Trump’s administration have been filled with executive orders attacking the unconstitutional excesses of the Obama presidency. He’s also pledged to kill the regulatory Hydra, increase defense spending, reform the tax code, and restore America’s prestige. And all

Immigration Failures vs. Americans

Michael Cutler, How law enforcement failures undermine our citizen’s civil rights. Immigration anarchists have repeatedly drawn false analogies between their efforts to block the enforcement of immigration laws and the heroic action of those whose hard-fought efforts for decades provided black Americans with civil rights, but at great cost. These anarchists emulate Jimmy Carter, creator

Obama names 3 national monuments honoring civil rights

The Obama administration designated three new national monuments Thursday honoring civil rights history as it commemorates next week’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The monuments are the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument in Alabama, the Freedom Riders National Monument in Anniston, Alabama, and the Reconstruction Era National Monument in South Carolina. “President Obama is taking

Playing politics with our brave men and women in uniform

Col. Ron Crews, The American people are clearly tired of politicians playing politics with crucial services and responsibilities of the federal government.  As a retired military chaplain, I have seen first-hand the crucial impact of faith-based services in the military. The brave men and women who volunteer to serve our nation make incredible sacrifices, including

Some have Concerns about Sessions as Trump’s attorney general

President-elect Donald Trump on Friday named his earliest and staunchest supporter in the Senate, conservative Republican Jeff Sessions, to become the next U.S. attorney general, triggering an outcry from civil rights groups as well as some conservatives outside Congress who are uneasy about Sessions’ positions. If approved for the job by a simple majority in

Trump will be a consensus builder who can help fix Washington and improve the economy

Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said the strong rally in U.S. stocks since Donald Trump captured the White House last week might be overdone, but that investors can expect the president-elect to be a consensus builder who can help fix Washington and improve the economy. “When it runs up like this, I scale off a

Democrats and Racism

Victoria Stroup, If you listened to a contemporary Democrat, you’d believe Republicans are responsible for all of society’s race problems, past and present. Say what you will about individual conservatives, but the Democrats have a dirty past Republicans could easily use. Dinesh D’Souza does his part in Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic