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NYT Snubs Best Selling Book In The World (Book Mocks Democrats)

Amanda Prestigiacomo, The Daily Wire has learned that The New York Times has left Amazon’s number one selling book in the world off their bestseller list. A book that just so happens to have been authored by a conservative, Daily Wire’s Cultural Corespondent Michael Knowles; it also mocks Democrats.  A source at a major publishing company, who wishes to remain

Finding the Middle Ground on Islamic Terror and Civil Rights

Frank Camp, Gad Saad is a Canadian professor and author who explores evolutionary behavior; he’s also a refugee, having fled Lebanon at the age of 11 with his parents. Sunday, he posted a message on Facebook regarding President Trump’s immigration and refugee executive order: “At the basis of a country’s immigration policy is the recognition

Ken Blackwell: Donald Trump Won the Respect Vote

Donald Trump isn’t the first Republican president denounced as “illegitimate.” The Left spent eight years refusing to get over George W. Bush’s victory in 2000. It was the same issue. He won the election by the rules, but Al Gore had more “popular” votes. That happened again on November 8. But nothing about the election

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America’s Ominous Post-Election Statement

Philip Haney, A “roadmap” to corroding our constitutionally protected values. Introduction The purpose of this article is to decipher the ominous, but heavily camouflaged language embedded within the English text of a recent scholarly document, published on the website of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), which is entitled Post-Election Statement: Principles and Roadmap(aka the Roadmap).

Top 10 Ways Obama Violated The Constitution During His Presidency

Ilya Shapiro, The Obama administration has been the most lawless in U.S. history. Here are just a few examples to prove it. The Obama administration has been the most lawless in U.S. history. I don’t mean that in the Nixonian sense of personal corruption, whereby the president is personally above the law, although the idea

The Democrats’ Big Sin

John P. Warren, Not that sin has much value in progressive-speak these days, but it’ll take more than three Hail Mary’s to save their party in the near term. At this national moment, Democrats and their noisemakers are attempting to mesmerize us with tales about the Russians’ lame attempt at presidential electioneering. What they should

Trump vs. Lewis: The Civil Rights Crisis in Atlanta

Bryan Crabtree,There is a civil rights crisis in Atlanta. While I’m not specifically referring to the battle of words between Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) and President-elect Donald Trump, it makes this the proper time. Atlanta is full of modern-day plantations. The policies of leaders like Lewis have led to the entrapment of millions of minorities

Immigration Failures vs. Americans

Michael Cutler, How law enforcement failures undermine our citizen’s civil rights. Immigration anarchists have repeatedly drawn false analogies between their efforts to block the enforcement of immigration laws and the heroic action of those whose hard-fought efforts for decades provided black Americans with civil rights, but at great cost. These anarchists emulate Jimmy Carter, creator