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Make America Great Again #Trumptrain

Peter Schiff,  Donald Trump’s critics have heaped scorn on his calls for protective tariffs to deal with America’s widening trade imbalance and the resulting loss of higher-paying blue color jobs. Some have accused him of trying to turn back the clock in pursuit of a cheap populist ploy and have said that he simply refuses

Maryland mulls repealing Civil War pro-slavery amendment

 More than 150 years after Maryland adopted a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution barring the abolition of slavery, state lawmakers are considering repealing the Civil War-era ratification. Maryland was one of three states to ratify the so-called Corwin Amendment, which was designed to keep some states from leaving the Union side during the 1861-1865

American History: Camp Asylum, Archeologists race to uncover Civil War prison

 Racing against time, South Carolina archeologists are digging to uncover the remnants of a Civil War-era prisoner-of-war camp before the site in downtown Columbia is cleared to make room for a mixed-use development. The researchers have been given four months to excavate a small portion of the 165-acre grounds of the former South Carolina State