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Clarence Thomas Casts Doubt on the Constitutionality of Civil Forfeiture

Jason Snead | Daily Signal, Thomas is correct that forfeiture laws have strayed far beyond their historically limited role. This week, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas signaled his belief that civil asset forfeiture laws have strayed too far from their narrow historical precedent and questioned whether “modern civil-forfeiture statutes can be squared with the Due

When a white leftist senator smeared a black conservative Supreme Court nominee.

Lloyd Billingsley, The Accuser of the Brother. Even with help from Yuri Andropov’s Soviet Union, the Democrats could not defeat Ronald Reagan in 1984. Led by Ted Kennedy, who had sought aid from the Soviets, the Democrats smeared Reagan’s nominee Robert Bork, who failed to gain a seat on the high court. In 1991, when

Justice Thomas Laments a Washington That’s ‘Broken in Some Ways’

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said Americans are understandably losing confidence in their government, lamenting that the nation’s capital has become “broken in some ways.” Speaking just days after marking his 25th anniversary on the court, Thomas entertained a friendly audience at the Heritage Foundation in Washington on Wednesday with stories about his late colleague

Black History Museum Discriminates Against Clarence Thomas

Crystal Wright,  Why does America’s second black Supreme Court justice not deserve an exhibit? America’s new black history museum apparently likes to discriminate against black conservatives. There is no exhibit in the museum dedicated to Clarence Thomas, America’s second black Supreme Court Justice and first Republican black justice. “The National Museum of African American History

Supreme Court cautious on new cases as term begins under cloud of vacancy politics

Donald Trump thinks Justice Clarence Thomas is “very strong and consistent” and praises colleague Samuel Alito — with those robed role-models in mind, the GOP nominee already has floated 21 people he thinks would be perfect companions on the Supreme Court.  Democrat Hillary Clinton, for her part, spontaneously “loved” the idea of a Justice Barack Obama,

Supreme Court rejects Michigan straight-ticket voting appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday rejected a bid by Michigan to reinstate its Republican-backed ban on straight-ticket voting for the Nov. 8 general election. The justices left in place a decision by a federal district judge in Michigan who in July suspended a law that abolished straight-ticket voting, the practice of using one mark

The Clarence Thomas Story: An American Masterpiece

Ken Blackwell, Editor’s Note: This column was coauthored by Ken KluKowski. This week marks twenty-five years since President George H.W. Bush named Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court, inaugurating a tenure marked by unwavering commitment to principled originalism.   Justice Thomas’s life is an only-in-America success story. As movingly recounted in his autobiography, My

Post-Scalia Court Has Liberals Winning, Conservatives Venting

A  U.S. Supreme Court in transition offered glimpses of what a liberal majority might mean as the justices closed their term by strengthening abortion rights and bolstering college affirmative action. Transformed by Justice Antonin Scalia’s unexpected Feb. 13 death, the nine-month session doused conservative hopes for major victories on labor unions, voting districts and class-action

Politics, Not Personalities, Will Likely Determine Presidential Election

Victor Davis Hanson,  At first glance, 2016 sizes up as no other election year in American history. For more than 30 years, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been high-profile and controversial celebrities. Both have been plagued by scandals and are viewed negatively by millions of voters. Clinton is facing possible federal indictment; Trump

Trump’s Jujitsu Overthrow of Liberalism

Steven Hayward, On the surface Trump’s attack on the presiding judge in his civil trial over Trump University is reckless, irresponsible, menacing, and . . . just plain wacko. Jonah Goldberg speculates that what he’s really trying to do is force the judge to recuse himself and have another judge take over the case, which

Justice Clarence Thomas Tells Students Not to Get Caught Up in Political Correctness

John S. Roberts, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas delivered an exceptional commencement speech to the students of conservative Hillsdale College the other day, and it’s worth checking out… From Fox News: Clarence Thomas addressed the connection between liberty and personal responsibility in a powerful commencement address yesterday, lamenting what he called “a bygone era” of the

Larry Elder: Trump Can Win #AmericaFirst

For the umpteenth time, Donald Trump is no conservative. He is an economic populist. When asked to name the top three functions of government, he said national security, health care and education. Two of the three named “duties” one does not find in Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. This puts him