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Donald Trump Overtakes Hillary Clinton in Yet Another Poll

Americans now favor Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton by a significant margin according to a new CNN/ORC poll, which attributes Trump’s jump in popularity to the recently concluded Republican Convention. In his best showing since September 2015, Trump now commands a remarkable 44% to 39% lead over the Democrat candidate in the race

Pat Buchanan: Is Mitt on a Suicide Mission?

Pat Buchanan,   “It’s a suicide mission,” said the Republican Party Chairman. Reince Priebus was commenting on a Washington Post story about Mitt Romney and William Kristol’s plot to recruit a third-party conservative candidate to sink Donald Trump. Several big-name Republican “consultants” and “strategists” are said to be on board. Understandably so, given the bucks

Calling all Trump supporters for the œAmerica First Unity Rally at the Convention on July 18th

Calling all Trump supporters to join us for the “America First” Unity Rally & March at the Cleveland Convention on July 18th to show our support and unity for the GOP nominee, Donald J. Trump. We’re planning to hold a massive victory rally & parade celebration on July 18th, between 11am – 5pm. We have been informed to

Donald J. Trump Announces Expansion of Nomination Efforts Under Convention Manager Paul Manafort

Today Donald J. Trump is announcing that he is consolidating the functions related to the nomination process and assigning them to Convention Manager, Paul Manafort. In this capacity, Mr. Manafort will oversee, manage, and be responsible for all activities that pertain to Mr. Trump’s delegate process and the Cleveland Convention. Working closely with Campaign Manager