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Obama’s last money shower for the UN: some $9.2 billion

George Russell, In its last year in office, the Obama Administration showered at least some $9.2 billion on the United Nations and its sprawling array of organizations, according to a document recently posted on the State Department website. The total is gleaned from a document that summarizes U.S. government spending for international organizations, and is

UN agency head broke rules with sensitive cybersecurity contract award

“The head of a low profile but important United Nations agency based in Geneva bent the organization’s rules and steered an ultrasensitive cybersecurity contract to a company headed by a business acquaintance, according to a heavily redacted UN report obtained by Fox News. The report says that the autocratic Francis Gurry, controversial head of the

Trump tops Clinton in the battleground states of Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio

Donald Trump narrowly leads Hillary Clinton in the battleground states of Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio.   That’s according to Fox News statewide likely voter polls conducted Sunday through Tuesday evenings.   Trump is helped by strong support from working-class white voters, while Clinton is hurt by a lackluster performance among younger voters and women.

Thousands of State Department e-mail accounts still risk being hacked, report says

Nearly six years after auditors first warned—back in then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s day—that thousands of unused or neglected State Department e-mail accounts risked “being compromised by unauthorized users for unauthorized purposes,” thousands of similar accounts still exist, according to an internal watchdog report. By federal rules, the inactive accounts are supposed to be shut

Never Forget: Read the House Benghazi Full Report

The Republican-led House committee probing the 2012 Benghazi attacks released its report Tuesday morning.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT. Americans at Benghazi post were rescued by Qaddafi officer militia, report reveals The long-awaited House committee report on the 2012 Benghazi attacks revealed a striking irony: In the end, the forces that came to evacuate

The FBI is protecting Islamic Terrorists

Add Orlando shooter Omar Mateen to the FBI’s Most Protected Terrorist list. Like Ft. Hood’s Nidal Hasan and the Boston Marathon’s Tsarnaev brothers, Mateen has joined the protected and privileged class of suspected Muslim terrorists allowed to roam free until they shoot or blow up innocent Americans. Following the Pulse nightclub slaughter, sources confirmed Mateen

Poll: The electorate is in a mood

The economy is in bad shape, and people are generally bummed about the direction of the country.  Only one in five American voters rates the economy positively: 2 percent “excellent” and 19 percent “good,” according to a new Fox News Poll.  Instead, most think the economy’s in bad shape: 46 percent “only fair” and 33

Obama Responds To Navy Seal That Doesn't Believe He Was Born In The United States

  Obama calls for compromise to avoid military cuts   He said he isn’t bothered by charges from a political action committee called the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, founded by Scott Taylor, a former SEAL from Virginia Beach, that accuse Obama of taking too much credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden last

Navy SEAL's Birther Admission Leads To Spike In Fundraising: 800 New Contributors

The downside of being a birther: Your colleagues may think you’re a nut. The upside: It brings in the dough.In the three days since former Navy SEAL Larry Bailey told Foreign Policy Magazine he was a birther, his anti-Obama group Special Operations Speaks has seen a “big” spike in fundraising, according to the former Navy

Windows 8: How to Bypass Metro and Boot Directly to the Desktop Interface

I’ve been running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for a few months and although I’m okay with Metro replacing the Start Menu, I hate seeing the new interface by default every time I reboot. When Windows 7 starts, you hit a login screen (assuming it’s enabled) and then you’re brought straight to the desktop. When