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This Election At least we have a chance with Trump, I’m willing to risk it!

Bryan Crabtree,  Some people believe there is no choice for president. “We are being asked to settle” they say. I disagree. We are being asked to chose a specific political path which is being forged by the two most controversial candidates for president we have seen in our lifetime. Donald Trump is a candidate who

Trump Leadership: Government that makes sure every dollar it collects, is spent wisely

Jackie Gingrich Cushman, After decades of political experience, and running against President Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton’s performance Monday night was as good as it gets. The first presidential debate between democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and republican nominee Donald Trump, which was held at Hofstra University, broke the viewing record on Monday evening, with

Second Amendment Front and Center #Trump2016

Kathryn Blackhurst, Lifezette  Donald Trump took a swipe at Hillary Clinton after she claimed that a “Trump America” would leave kids “at risk of violence and bigotry,” following his recent remarks about guns in classrooms. Trump and Clinton’s most recent spat arose after Clinton criticized Trump’s Friday endorsement for president from the National Rifle Association.

In 1980, Reagan was said to be unelectable by his GOP opponents #VoteTrump

If you’re running for your party’s presidential nomination, you’d better not rely on the notion that you have the best chance of being elected in the general election. The most compelling evidence at the moment is John Kasich’s campaign—that is, its lack of success. Kasich and his campaign manager John Weaver emphasize the electability issue