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Polling the Grassroots: The Most Accurate Survey the Media Won’t Conduct

Mark Meckler, Pundits, commentators, and professional politicos hit pay dirt with high ratings during President Donald Trump’s first fifty days in office… but beyond the liberal riots, protests, and hyperbole, something important is happening in America. As the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, Citizens for Self-Governance, and the Convention of States Project, I know the

Brazile admits she forwarded debate questions to Clinton camp

Former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile admitted Friday that she forwarded Democratic primary debate questions to members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign – something she had previously denied. In an essay for Time published Friday, called “Russian DNC Narrative Played Out Exactly As They Hoped,” the Democratic strategist said she had in fact passed on topics,

Juan Williams Slams CNN Report Claiming Sean Hannity ‘Pulled Gun’ on Him After ‘Argument’

Matthew Boyle, The fake news establishment media at CNN is at it again. Now they are attacking Fox News host Sean Hannity, smearing his reputation with a phony story about him allegedly pointing a gun at liberal Fox News contributor Juan Williams. Dylan Byers, one of the media writers at CNN who works for media

Alt-left media pushes Russia fantasy despite no evidence

Sean Hannity, Serious journalists have debunked the fake news narrative about a connection between President Trump and Russia, but the same media that refused to vet President Obama continues to run wild with it. In what can be described as journalistic malpractice, and a gross dereliction of duty, the alt-left radical propaganda press continues to

Snoop Dogg — not the only liberal lunatic obsessed with assassinating Trump

Dan Gainor, Snoop Dogg’s new video depicting a “mock-assassination” of President Donald Trump is disturbing enough. But it’s part of a dangerous trend of the left fantasizing about the death or assassination of presidents they oppose — especially Trump. It’s terrifying to think the left has devolved from lamenting the JFK assassination to seeing the

Media pivots on Trump’s prosecutor purge after learning Clinton, Obama did the same

Media outrage over the Trump administration’s decision to sack 46 federal prosecutors landed with a thud when they were quickly reminded that former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had done the same thing, but some in the press have pivoted with a new spin. It’s outrageous, NBC’s Chuck Todd said, because Attorney General Jeff

Democrats Seek To Escape Their Whirlpool Of Failure And Fail At That Too

Kurt Schlichter, As Donald Trump triumphantly passed his 50th day as the President of the United States Who Is Not Hillary Clinton, Democrat leaders secretly gathered to survey the smoking wreckage of a party that was supposed to dominate America for a generation and ended up only dominating it until midnight on November 8, 2016.

Clinton Fired 93 US Attorneys in One Day, Trump Only 46

Kit Daniels | Infowars, Former President Bill Clinton asked 93 politically-appointed U.S. attorneys to resign in 1993, which didn’t prompt as much media outrage as when President Trump did it. “Attorney General Janet Reno today demanded the prompt resignation of all U.S. attorneys, leading the federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia to suggest that

Intruder jumped White House fence, arrested near residence

A person climbed a White House fence Friday night and gained access to the complex’s south grounds before being arrested, the Secret Service said Saturday, shortly after noon. The incident occurred at about 11:38 p.m. Friday while President Trump was at the White House, officials told Fox News. The Secret Service also said the unidentified

Trump vs Obama: Two men. One fight for America.

Daniel Greenfield, Obama is a coward. Trump will call someone a name while Obama will anonymously source a smear through three levels of staffers, political allies and reporters. Trump called CNN “Fake News” on camera. Obama sourced Operation Rushbo, targeting Rush Limbaugh, through a variety of White House people and left-wing allies. Trump will boot

Russian Official Tells CNN: ‘Stop Spreading Lies, Fake News’

Dan Lyman | Infowars, ‘Has US media reached rock bottom?’ she asks? Russian Foreign Ministry Official Maria Zakharova tore into a CNN international correspondent, telling him to “stop spreading lies and false news” as he hounded her about the latest conspiracy theories regarding Russian ties to the Trump administration. Chance appeared on CNN to recount