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How Many Syrian Refugees Have Entered The Country Under Obama?

Frank Camp, CNS News reports that in total, more than 18,000 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the United States during the Obama administration. In 2016 alone, over 15,400 Syrian refugees were admitted, 98.8% of whom are allegedly Muslim, while only 0.8% are Christian. This doesn’t match the demographic makeup of Syria as we know

The MASSIVE Gift Obama’s Medicare Program Gave 500 Illegal Aliens

While most Americans work hard for substandard health care benefits, President Barack Obama just handed illegal immigrants health care on a silver platter. According to Fox Business, that gift amounted to over $9 million. In fact, a new audit by the Department of Health and Human Services showed Medicare mistakenly paid $9.3 million dollars in health

Border Patrol Finds 37 Illegal Immigrants in House Featuring Shrine to ˜Goddess of Death’

CNS News U.S. Customs and Border Protection said yesterday that Border Patrol agents on Monday found “37 illegal immigrants” in a house in southern Texas that featured a shrine to “La Santa Muerte” or the “goddess of death.” “Border Patrol agents along with Texas Department of Public Safety troopers conducted a traffic stop on a known

U.S. Has Lost 191,000 Mining Industry Jobs Since September 2014

CNS News – by Terence P. Jeffrey The United States has lost approximately 191,000 jobs in the mining industry since September 2014 including approximately 7,000 that were lost in April, according to data published today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The coal mining industry alone has lost approximately 10,900 jobs since April of last

70 Million People Would Be Starving in the Streets Without Government Welfare Programs

Mac Slavo | Amid all the talk of recovery by politicians, economic officials and big business leaders, the fundamental numbers behind all the propaganda tell a starkly different story. Home sales have dropped to record lows, more people are out of the workforce than anytime in the last 50 years, and cash-strapped consumers have

Public School Kids Rebel Against Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Lunches

As First Daughters Get Meatball Subs, Ice Cream Leah Barkoukis   I know, the last thing you’d expect from the Obamas is hypocrisy. Alas, I bring you yet another example, this time regarding school lunches. First Lady Michelle Obama has been widely criticized among hungry students across the U.S., a result of school meal nutrition standards

Poll Shows Massive Support for Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Investigation

A poll was recently conducted by Fox News to assess how Americans felt about the Benghazi attack, the new select committee, and if they feel they’ve been told the truth or lied to. We already know that the vast majority of Americans think that Obama is covering up what happened before, during and after the

Congresswoman Urges Welfare Name Change: “Transitional Living Fund

 Mac  The Texas Congresswoman who once urged a Congressional oversight panel to study how Christian militants and other radicals might bring down the country has some new progressive ideas she’d like House members to begin implementing. In a brief speech on the House floor about safety nets that touches on all manner of government assistance, Rep. Sheila

South Carolina Poised to Nullify Obamacare

Last Resistance – by Philip Hodges South Carolina’s got an Obamacare nullification bill that’s about to be voted on in the State Senate next month. It passed the State House easily, and it’s expected to be signed by the state’s Governor Nikki Haley, assuming it passes the State Senate. According to CNS News, the legislation would “prohibit all state agencies,