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Black Lives Matter Demands an Air Tax for Slavery Reparations

Daniel Greenfield, Freeing cop killers, black welfare checks and no more automation. Follow the money. Black Lives Matter was never really about protesting whatever drug dealer, robber or petty criminal was the latest to die in another violent confrontation with the police. Its founders, left-wing gay activists with a professional interest in community organizing, had

Cisco CEO Sends Letter to Obama Complaining About NSA Surveillance

NSA surveillance has nothing to do with al-Qaeda and terrorism  Re/code, a tech news website, posted a letter on Sunday sent by Cisco CEO John Chambers to President Obama. In the letter sent May 15 Chambers implores Obama to curtail NSA surveillance. The letter followed new revelations by Edward Snowden alleging NSA technicians intercept Cisco

The Richard Aoki Story: More Evidence the FBI Runs Violent Political Groups

Over the past few years, has provided ample evidence that the FBI is intimately involved in creating radical and violent political groups that are used as propaganda by the government to push for further implementation of a police state. We have consistently underscored the fact that a post-COINTELPRO effort is operating in the United